Telecom and Electronic Products

Mananufacturing and importing from China.

ICT and Data Centre Cases in Indonesia

  • Cyber CSF Cyber 3 Data Centre Turnkey Project
  • Petro China Data Centre Turnkey Project
  • Bagus Group Office Building Communication System Integration Project
  • China Embassy Communication System Integration Project

Telecommunication Construction and Optimization Cases in Indonesia

  • NSN Telkomsel Network Optimization Project in East Indonesia (2008)
  • Huawei HCPT Mega Central Java and KaSu Area Swap and TK Project (2012)
  • Huawei XL Kalimantan Swap Project (2011)
  • Huawei Axis West and Central Java Swap Project (2011)

World Records in China

  • Highest Altitude Construction - Lanzhou-Xining-Lasha OFC Backbone Network
  • Top of the World - Mount Everest Communication Base Station Project
  • Antarctic Satellite Communications Network System Project

International Cases

  • Tanzania ICT Optical Transmission Network Construction Project
  • Congo (Kinshasa) Optical Transmission Network Construction Project
  • Sudan ZAIN’s Mobile Base Stations Construction Turnkey Project
  • Saudi Arabia Mobility FTTH Construction Project