PT. China ComService Indonesia

World-leading Telecom Network Builder

China Communications Services Corporation Limited (CCS) is a leading service provider that provides integrated support services in the informatization sector including telecommunications, media and technology. We offer Telecommunications Infrastructure Services (TIS) (including design, construction and project supervision and management), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) (including maintenance, distribution of telecommunication services and products, and facilities management), and Applications and Content Outsourcing Services (ACO) (including IT applications, Internet services, voice VAS etc).

In order to approach market opportunities in Indonesia, PT. China Comservice Indonesia (CCSIndo for short) was founded in 2006 as one of more than 50 subsidiaries of CCS around the world. We are dedicated to develop telecommunication and informatization service market in Indonesia by providing our customers high quality telecommunication equipments, services and applications. Our experience, dedication and commitment to quality enable our customers to maximize their telecommunication experience, minimize their costs, and optimize their ways connecting the world.

CCSIndo is now directing a vigorous business expansion all over the country by building up to 8 homebases: Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar etc. Presently CCSIndo has more than 400 employees and has formed strategic alliances with world's leading operators, vendors, financial institutions and variation of enterprises. We are looking forward to assisting you with your needs.


  • Providing integrated support services in the informatization sector.
  • Equipped with advanced technology, comprehensive business lines, healthy financial condition, versatile qualifications, extensive and localized service network and unique and integrated service model.
  • Develop strong capabilities to grasp market opportunities, build outstanding core competences, enhance intensive high-efficiency operations and realize stable growth in enterprise value.

Competitive Advantages

  • Strong project financing support- we have a good relationship with investment banks, other financial institutions, and strong support from China's policy banks.
  • Rich overseas project management experience - through supporting 50 overseas subsidiaries and other overseas experiences.
  • Professional, optimized and creative solutions - we design the whole business plan for our customers, provide the best network design, configuration, and easy implementation of Multi-vendor projects.


HR Department plays an important role in supporting CCSIndo's strategic plan to achieve company's objective in providing our customers with the best services. During these years we have put our best efforts to enhance the efficiency of human resource management practices in order to provide, nurture and manage the best employees who are capable and keen enough to contribute to company's success and continuity.

Besides common HR practices, many efforts and changes have been made to create a better working environment and enhance employees' motivation to work, such as holding informal knowledge sharing sessions, maintaining close communication between management and employees, improving the condition in project offices and dormitories, holding annual gathering and team building, celebrating employees achievements, enrolling a better health and life insurance and retirement program. We strongly believe that continual improvement of our employees’ competence, health and life quality is the key to a successful team that ensures continued performance and delivers maximum value to our customers.

Project Coverage in Indonesia