World Class Technical Services

Intergrated project support for telecom and broadband industries.

Telecom Network Construction Services

We provide customers with one-stop telecom network construction and related services. Our solution covers all services including network planning, survey & network design, equipment procurement, equipment installation & toning, civil work and network optimization in different stages of project cycle. This makes our solution a truly end-to-end solution which reduces cost and risk that may be caused by subcontracting.

Data Centre Solutions

CCSIndo focuses on providing premium data centre infrastructure services to enterprises. We provide consultancy, design, financing services, and can build the DC by combining customer requirements and international standards.

ICT System Integration Services

We recognize that IT merges at any point into organization's operating environment, which drives us to provide our customers with the best informative support on system integration. Our professional team has the required industry knowledge and vast IT skills as well as special know-how of IT products. This ensures smooth integration of IT and business process as well as low maintenance cost.

Business Application Solutions

CCSIndo can execute, manage and deliver enterprise solutions by deploying systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Business Intelligence (BI), Knowledge Management and Enterprise Portals. We also provide industry specific solutions for Financial Services, Media and Communication, and Distribution and Manufacturing.

Electronic Product Manufacturing and Importing

As the biggest telecom service group in the world, CCS manufactures various telecom and electronic products in China. With a comprehensive import and trade license in Indonesia, CCSIndo is dedicated to delivering quality products at affordable prices.

ICT and Data Centre Cases in Indonesia

  • Cyber CSF Cyber 3 Data Centre Turnkey Project
  • Petro China Data Centre Turnkey Project
  • Bagus Group Office Building Communication System Integration Project
  • China Embassy Communication System Integration Project

Telecommunication Construction and Optimization Cases in Indonesia

  • NSN Telkomsel Network Optimization Project in East Indonesia (2008)
  • Huawei HCPT Mega Central Java and KaSu Area Swap and TK Project (2012)
  • Huawei XL Kalimantan Swap Project (2011)
  • Huawei Axis West and Central Java Swap Project (2011)

World Records in China

  • Highest Altitude Construction - Lanzhou-Xining-Lasha OFC Backbone Network
  • Top of the World - Mount Everest Communication Base Station Project
  • Antarctic Satellite Communications Network System Project

International Cases

  • Tanzania ICT Optical Transmission Network Construction Project
  • Congo (Kinshasa) Optical Transmission Network Construction Project
  • Sudan ZAIN’s Mobile Base Stations Construction Turnkey Project
  • Saudi Arabia Mobility FTTH Construction Project